Do you offer delivery?

We offer delivery every week to St. Albert addresses. Our delivery day is usually on Tuesday.

Once you place an order and choose the delivery option, we will contact you via email, text and/or phone to set up an estimated time for delivery.

If you live outside of St.Albert, please email us at orders@mommatong.com and we will find a delivery date that will work.

We offer free delivery on orders over $75.

There is a $8 delivery charge on orders under $75.

Can I return an item after I purchased it?

Sorry 😥, we cannot accept returns on products that have been picked up.

I ordered the wrong product, can I change my order?

No problem, shoot us an email at orders@mommatong.com and we'll work to make it right.

Is there MSG in your products?

Yes, in certain products, but WAAAY less than what you would find in a bag of potato chips.

Are your products gluten free?

We cannot guarantee that our products are gluten free, please check the ingredient list.

Does your fish sauce contain shellfish?

No shellfish, but it does contain anchovies.

Why is your fish sauce smelly?

All fish sauce are smelly. Delicious things can be pungent (think truffles or blue cheese) give it a taste and you'll see what we mean!

What do you recommend for an alternative to fish sauce?

We recommend fish sauce. 😂 (just kidding)!

Spring rolls? Try Thai sweet chili sauce, we hear it taste great with them!

Vermicelli bowls? Welllllll... it really is best with our fish sauce, but we've heard that hoisin sauce works in a pinch.

Are your vegetarian spring rolls vegan?

Some of the seasoning contains yeast as an ingredient.

How spicy is spicy? 🌶🔥🌶🔥🌶🔥

Medium is a 5 on a 10 scale, a tongue tingler. Hot is 7 or 8 and can bring on a sweat, a good tasty sweat.

Do you offer samples?

Yes we do! Visit us at our various markets and events. We'll be serving up hot samples. 🥢

Do you have ingredient lists on your products?

Yes, whenever possible! Please check the label or visit our website for specifics.

Have a food suggestion for our menu?

Shoot us an email at hello@mommatong.com, we'd love to hear your suggestions.

Fan mail? 💕

It's nice to be loved. Email us at hello@mommatong.com, we'd love to hear from you!

Anything else? Comments, question or concerns?

Drop us a line at hello@mommatong.com and let us know how we can help. 💯