Our Story

Welcome To My Kitchen!

Momma Tong was started to share my love of the food I grew up with and complimented by delicious flavours I discovered over the years.

But it's been a journey to get to this point...

Growing up Vietnamese meant many things. I was the kid that sometimes brought the smelly lunch and had food with funny names or had the house that had "weird" smells coming out of it. As a child this was a point of contention. Now with the benefit of wisdom, these are the memories that helped shape my love of food.

The majority of the Vietnamese recipes I have today are from my mom who created delicious meals made with pride and no apologies when it came to flavour. My husband introduced me to the wonderful world of Korean food, I was lucky enough to enjoy many family style meals at his aunt's home. My love of Korean food grew from there.

I learned to cook and care about how I cook from my mom, aunties and sisters in law (both sides). Humble beginnings, a pinch of this, about this much of that, and some secret ingredients and techniques that made them truly stand out.

Now that I've been at this for a while, what I found it really boils down to is that I love to make food with two simple rules.

The dishes I'm excited to share with you today were created through trial and error and honest (perhaps too honest) critique from important women in my life, which has left an indelible influence in my cooking.

Thank you for inviting me to your dinner table, I hope you find the food as delicious as I do and I look forward to seeing you again soon.

Ban an ngon! (Eat well my friends!)

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